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The Raising Aspirations in Secondary Education programme is designed  to support students from years 7 to year 12 by raising aspirations and breaking down perceived barriers to Higher Education. 

We have a range of fun, interactive workshops and competitive subject based quizzes which will help to raise students’ motivation and commitment to secondary education, and in the long term raise achievement levels at GCSE and A level.



Year 7 Christmas Science Lectures - December 16/17th 2013
Year 8 Sunshine Lecture - June 18th 2014
Year 9/10 History Quest - April 9th 2014
Year 9 Physics Big Quiz - January 27th 2014
Year 10 Maths Big Quiz - March 11th 2014
Year 10 Biology Big Quiz - March 28th 2014
Year 10 Birmingham Science Festival - April 3rd 2014


For further information contact:Mohammed Ansar, Outreach Officer, telephone +44 (0)121 414 7169, email m.ansar@bham.ac.uk