Play sport

sports-classWhether you want to reach the top of your game or simply play for fun, you can do it all at Birmingham. We are a centre of excellence for many disciplines and our 43 sports clubs and teams attract around 2,000 student and staff members.

We offer extensive monitoring, analysis and guidance through our Performance Sport and Fitness Services; so whether you are aiming for the London Marathon or your first 5k, we can keep you ahead of the competition.

Chrissie Wellington, Triple Ironman World Champion  "The three years I spent at Birmingham were some of the best of my lfe. Hopefully I stand as proof that it is possible to combine higher education, a career and sporting achievement. I feel that it has given me the balance and perspective that I might have otherwise lacked and has certainly helped to shape me into the athlete I am today."

If you want competitive fun without a big training commitment, our intra league programme covers a wide range of team sports including football, rugby, hockey, netball, futsal and basketball. We also run a huge variety of ‘Active Lifestyle’ fitness and sports classes throughout the year in everything from breakdancing, hula aerobics and trampolining to fencing, yoga and kickboxing. Our award-winning Thrive (Health and Fitness) team also offer free lifestyle assessments and advise on how to get fit and healthy the right way.

To find out more about the range of sporting opportunities at the University, please visit the University of Birmingham Sport website.