Abigail Warner

Abigail Warner

Hi, my name is Abigail and I am a mathematics student. When I tell people I study mathematics, I get a whole host of responses mainly sighs and eye rolls, but I love studying maths and more particularly, I love studying maths at the University of Birmingham. My heart was set on Birmingham the moment I saw the campus and I was determined to do everything in my will power to meet my entry requirements.

Mathematics is a large school and sitting in a lecture theatre surrounded by over 200 people who enjoy maths just like myself, is somewhat refreshing after all the eye rolling. During the warmer months you realise how much of a community the university is when everyone is sat on the grass in front of the library busy working. The community aspect extends further than campus though, whether a first year in halls or further on in your studies, living in Selly Oak, students create hubs of energy wherever they congregate.

I have also become a student staff member in the Guild of Students. Working as a Kitchen Assistant in Joe's Bar, has given me the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people from different courses and year groups whilst developing skills which I know will benefit me in future employment.

Birmingham University places a strong emphasis on careers from the moment you start your studies. They host local, national and international companies through school and college based career fairs, at which students have the opportunity to explore possible career options. And the help doesn't stop there; the Careers Network offer a wide range of services to prepare students for the real working world. After applying for a STEM scholarship, I used the careers network to practice my interview skills prior to the real one. The careers network researched the company and scholarship I had applied for before I arrived, asked me questions similar to those in my interview and then fed back on my strengths and weaknesses. I successfully became a scholar, so the careers network must have helped.

On leaving university, I am currently unsure of my career destination, however I know that with the help and support available at Birmingham I will figure it out.