Dwayne Spiteri

Dwayne Spiteri

My name is Dwayne Spiteri and unsure about my future I started the search towards my degree with many different degree programmes on the table. I ended up choosing Physics because I knew I would like the structure of the degree, it has good job prospects and it allowed me to continue what I liked best subject-wise. On open days and applicant visit days I fell in love with the department, the facilities, and the staff and knew that Birmingham was the place for me. It had a friendly and vibrant atmosphere and I really got the feeling that the staff cared about the students and it was nice to see the students and the members of academic staff being so close.

I have never felt that I had learned something in my time here that would not be useful to me. All the core modules introduce you to the staples of physics our forefathers derived that give us our understanding of technology and the universe and all the amazing processes that we see around us. The optional modules allow you to expand your knowledge into places you are interested in and there is so much choice.

I really enjoy the time spent in practical labs because it gives you so much. You learn to; become scientifically rigorous, structure a scientific lab report, design your own experiments, cope when things go wrong and practically apply the physics you have learnt in lectures to experiment. It really distinguishes you from others who haven’t done it and gives you a competitive edge. 

The best thing for me is the vast amount of good choice you are presented with. Whether it is in the numerous types of degree you can apply for, or the huge number of interesting modules you get to choose from later on in the degree. There are so many ways you can customise your degree to ensure you get the best out of it.

It’s going to be cliché but I’ve loved every second of my degree. I’d thoroughly recommend university to anyone. It changes you, and you will never be presented with opportunities like this again. I really do have so many highlights. You will not regret getting involved. There is so much to do outside the degree and the people you share those experiences with are amazing.  

If you enjoy maths, physics and chemistry (to a lesser extent), you like to understand the way the world works, you want a degree that will challenge you and is one that you can enjoy, you want a department that is supportive, you would like to be involved in a department that has brilliant research activities, you want a degree that is a broad or as focused as you can choose it to be, you want a place full of opportunities to propel yourself, and you want to live in a large city full of vibrancy and beauty, then a Physics course at Birmingham is the one for you.

Physics has so many options, but occasionally opportunities can be well contested. Grab everything you want with both hands.