Hashu Mohammed

Hashu Mohammed

The reason I chose to come to the School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering was simply for three main reasons. Firstly because out of all the Universities I applied for and visited to study Electronic Engineering, it was at Birmingham I found the course content the most interesting, which came about at the open day where I spoke to a student and was drawn in by the Robot Project in the 2nd year which looked really exciting! Secondly I felt my passion for the subject and individuality as a student was recognised due the fact at the Applicant Visit Days the lecturers and staff spent a lot of time to get to know me one to one as opposed to other universities. Lastly, the facilities and standard at Birmingham is just on another level, really glad to be here!

I have really enjoyed the flexibility of my course, as it provides many opportunities for me to tailor my degree towards my interests. For example, there are opportunities for me to combine my degree with railway engineering, energy, computer engineering and even business management. I have a strong passion for business, and hope to start up my own business one day, having this flexibility in my degree allowed me to study Electronic Engineering with Business Management, which has been greatly beneficial to me.

Another great point is the amount of support from staff, we all get a personal tutor, one to one time with lecturers if we require, a dedicated team of staff to sort out extenuating circumstances, a dedicated liaison to provide us with everything we need for an industrial placement or graduate opportunity from the connections to the one to one support in applications. The support is immense and I have never found a point where I’ve needed help and there hasn’t been someone there.

The course is updated yearly with real up to date research, meaning you are always learning content which applies to current real engineering in the industry today. This means once you graduate, the step required for you to apply your degree to your graduate job is a lot easier. The content taught is always from a lecturer in that field, who is already researching and working in that area, which gives a greater understanding and picture as a whole to all the students. The standard of teaching is excellent, and all lecturers are very approachable outside of lectures. 

The University itself is outstanding in terms of academic excellence and facilities, and the campus itself is just stunning. From the sports centre, the library, food outlets to the vast amount of places where you can socialise, study and enjoy your time, it’s pretty apparent that this is not just a great place to study but in general a really nice place to be. It’s really nice to see the campus, and after a long day of studying, having all this around you really is a great feeling knowing this is your university.

I really enjoyed the opportunity in summer, where I was able to travel to China with the university and 12 other students in my year, it was 2 and a half of the most memorable weeks of my life. We travelled to Beijing, Wuhan and Hong Kong, and received an insight into Electrical and Electronic Engineering in China. We stayed at University campuses in each city, visited many great tourist sites such as The Great Wall of China, The Yellow Crane Tower, The Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, and many more. We got to know the students at each of the campuses, had loads of great fun going places to shop, eat and tour. We received an insight into Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering at each of the universities, the research departments and related research taking place, and the industry as a whole which was really interesting. It really motivated me to do better in my studies, and all in all a very memorable life experience.

My course also has its own society, where there’s always loads of events from roller discos, nights out, paintballing, football, basketball, go-karting, FIFA tournaments and loads more, there’s always fun things going on for everyone to get involved, and if there’s something you’d want the society to organise, you can put forward your suggestion and they’ll most likely arrange it.