Judah Chandra

Judah Chandra

My name’s Judah and I’m currently a second year student studying Social Policy BA. It’s basically all about looking at wider social issues and welfare, and how we can address this. Over the last few years I’ve studied exciting topics ranging from homelessness, youth unemployment and housing to poverty, inequality, and social exclusion with a particular emphasis on Birmingham city.

Apart from studies, there’s also a great deal of things you can get involved in at University. Here are some tips and advice I can personally give you:

  • If you want to move away from home I would suggest you find out what accommodation packages the universities are offering and what works best for you. For example, I decided to live in halls in my first year with four other students in a flat, and had a great time as it meant I was able to get involved in lots of activities and have awesome chats with people from across the world.
  • Universities also offer all sorts of different opportunities to get involved in your free time and I’s suggest you make most of it! There’s loads of ways – societies, sports clubs and part-time work! I’m a beatboxer in the acapella society, work in University giving tours part-time and a committee member in my departmental society. This year I also started kickboxing classes! It’s been a great way for me to make new friends and develop new skills.
  • Does the uni you’re looking at have everything you might need to ensure you have a great time? What I love about Birmingham is that it that it has a range of shops, banks, and catering places so I can choose to stay on our green, leafy campus or to pop into the vibrant and busy city centre which is only 12 minutes away from our very own train station.

In the future, I hope to do International Development MA and work in the public sector after my degree as I believe there is a lot to do in Birmingham and I would like to play a part in solving arising issues.  The University has helped me by providing funding for an authentic experience in Birmingham City Council to fully observe the organisation and how social issues are addressed there. The University also helped fund me to go to China this Easter and study Mandarin and politics there. 

So to sum up, University is challenging, but it’s also great fun.  Whilst university will mostly be made up of positive experiences, sometimes you might need a little helping hand along the way. Universities have all sorts of services in place to help support you through your studies.  When you come to Birmingham, for example, you are automatically placed with a personal tutor who you can meet up with and discuss any issues as well as how the course is going. I’ve used this support a lot and it made the transition that much easier for me. 

Good luck with your research and university applications. As long as you allow lots of time and you think carefully about what’s important to you, then you’re sure to get it just right, and will be a university student before you know it!