Rogelio Barcena

Rogelio Barcena

Hello, my name is Rogelio Barcena and I’m a first year PPE student. My degree program has challenged me to think in different ways. It offers three different perspectives to analyse national and international issues and helps you gain skills that are not only respected by employers but also help you understand the world that we live in. The course has its fair amount of work but you also have enough time to relax and enjoy social activities. I find myself spending a good amount of hours battling with deadlines in the library but I’m really enjoying the course.

My ‘Birmingham experience’ has been great so far. Living close to the university provides me with the privilege to have an extra 20 minutes of sleep that many times is very much needed. I really enjoy the 9am lectures with Professor Peter Kerr. Most of my time on campus is spent in lectures and seminars, the library or meeting friends at the guild's bar. When I’m off campus I like to explore the cultural diversity of Birmingham, which can be seen everywhere you look, with the cheap train fares it’s very affordable to go out and explore the city. It’s important to make the most out of your student life at Birmingham.

What I really like about the university is the fact that students have all kind of resources available to help us complete the work required for the course. My personal tutor Chris Allen is an endless source of advice and guidance. There are all kind of facilities available not only for academic purpose but also for sports, social events and the guild of students even provides a night club every Saturday night. There are so many facilities on campus that I like to think of it as our own little city. I recommend everyone to join a society because it will help you to make new friends and meet people who share the same interest as you as well as people who think differently.

I strongly recommend that you make the most of the help available at the university, starting from your personal tutor all the way to the careers advice centre and the student mentor scheme. 

After graduation my aim is to go into the world of politics. At the university there have been many great events that have helped me to understand better the career pathway that I want to follow. These events have provided me with a clear picture of what are the skills and abilities that I’m going to need and how to acquire them.