UCAS Postgraduate courses

The following frequently asked questions are aimed at graduates applying for courses through UCAS. These may be conversion courses such as LLB for graduates (M990) or our graduate entry programme for medicine (A101) or a postgraduate qualification such as MA Social Work (L502) or UCAS Teacher Training.

I'm a graduate - why do I need to apply through UCAS? Isn't that for undergraduates?

There are a couple of courses designed specifically for graduates where the application route is through UCAS. These include the MBChB Graduate Entry programme (A101), the Law for Graduates programme ( M990) and the MA Social Work programme (L502). The application route does not mean that the course is necessarily an undergraduate one. You now apply for teacher training courses through UCAS Teacher Training.

What qualifications/information do I need to include on my application form?

You should include all academic qualifications from school level onwards (e.g. GCSE level onwards). In most cases we need to see a full academic profile rather than just your most recent qualification. Some programmes require additional tests (e.g. LNAT) or work experience. Further details on this can be found on the specific course finder entries.

I've got a degree, do I still need English and Maths at GCSE?

Most of these programmes have professional body accreditation and so require all applicants to demonstrate that they hold both of these qualifications. A degree will not be taken in lieu of this requirement.

Is there anything different about applying as a graduate through UCAS?

The teacher training courses have their own deadlines but in general, the deadlines, application form and process are the same as if you were applying for any course through UCAS. If you have further queries on the UCAS process you may wish to view the UG FAQs or the UCAS website.

Are the tuition fees the same as undergraduates or postgraduates?

The fees will vary depending on the type of qualification you would be awarded at the end of the programme. If you are to be awarded a bachelor degree (e.g. MBChB or LLB) you would be charged the same as an undergraduate. For the MA Social Work programme you would be charged a postgraduate fee. Please see the course finder entries for confirmation of the specific fees.

What about funding?

Although you are applying through UCAS, the arrangements for funding will not necessarily be the same as other undergraduate courses. Further details on funding for specific programmes can be found on the course finder pages along with information on any scholarships or bursaries which might be available.

I've been out of education for a while, do I need an academic reference?

Ideally we would prefer an academic reference. If you haven't been in education for a long time, you can, for example contact the institution where you took your degree and they should be able to supply you with a standard reference to confirm that you were a former student and what qualification you obtained. We may also accept an employment reference if it is relevant to the course you were applying for. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of your reference we would ask you to contact either Admissions or the Admission Tutor of the course you wish to apply to for advice.

Please note: A family member or friend cannot act as your referee.