Before you apply

Why should I choose Birmingham?

There are many reasons why you might choose to apply for Birmingham, the city, the campus, the novelty of studying or living in a new place. Whatever the reason, be it academic or cultural, please check out the why Birmingham link for a preview of what Birmingham can offer and why our students love Birmingham.

When can I visit the campus?

We have a series of events and activities that take place through the year where you can take the opportunity to visit us.

What kinds of events take place on campus?

For a flavour of what takes place at the University of Birmingham please check out our events.

What if I can't visit campus?

For our prospective international students, there are opportunities to meet us in your own country.  If there is any reason you can’t get to visit the campus before you apply then a virtual tour is available.

Where can I find out information about fees, finance, scholarships, grants and bursaries?

Check out our Fees and funding information. Birmingham’s student funding office is able to provide our students with financial advice and support throughout their studies.

Are there any student employment opportunities?

The University’s Guild of Students (student union) operates a Job Zone which promotes employment opportunities on offer at the University and at reputable local employers who understand that your working hours must remain flexible in order to fit in with the requirements of your course.

I have a disability, what support can I expect?

We offer a range of services to support students at the University of Birmingham and we are committed to offering full support for any number of conditions that could affect your ability to perform on an equal level with your fellow students. Please check out Disability and dyslexia support for more details.

What support can I expect as a student?

We offer a range of services to support students during their studies at the University of Birmingham.

What accommodation does Birmingham Offer?

At Birmingham we offer a wide range of suitable accommodation.

What is a CAS statement?

A CAS (confirmation of acceptance for study) statement, has details of your application and course and all the relevant details about you which are required for the purpose of a VISA application. If you need a visa in order to study in the UK you will need a CAS statement issued by the University you'll attend.

How soon do I need to apply for birmingham if I need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS)?

If you need a CAS to study in the UK then we'd advise you to apply as soon as possible, to give yourself enough time to meet the requirements of the course. Ideally we should receive your application by the end of June (for courses beginning end September/early October) at the latest, especially if you still need to meet our English language requirements. Applying after this date may not allow enough time to get everything ready for the start of the new academic year.

What is ATAS?

The Academic Technology Approval Scheme was introduced in November 2007 and is a mandatory requirement for non-EEA students on certain programmes. The Scheme is run by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and is an essential part of the UK’s commitment to counter proliferation.

Will I need ATAS clearance?

UK,EU and EEA students do not need to apply for ATAS clearance.

All International students applying for specific programmes of study will be advised if they need to apply for ATAS clearance. Programmes of study which require ATAS are Engineering and Science or Medical based programmes and include Research, Taught Masters and some Undergraduate programmes. If you are required to obtain ATAS clearance information will be sent to you with your offer letter. Please visit the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) website for further information on programmes covered by ATAS.

Please note: you are only eligible to apply for ATAS once you have received an offer from the university. ATAS clearance checks are only valid for six months prior to the start of the course and must be valid at the point of admission.

What is the start date for courses at Birmingham?

Most undergraduate programmes start in late September/early October, but you must check course finder if the start date of your chosen programme is different.  In general, these are the UCAS dates for applications, but you are advised to apply early as many of our programmes receive more applications than there are places available. International applicants should also allow time to obtain a visa. If you intend to seek financial support, you should contact the school or department for details of deadlines.