Once you have an offer

When do I need to make a decision on my offer?

UCAS will notify you of the date that you need to respond to your offer by.

I have accepted Birmingham as my Insurance choice but want to make it my firm choice instead. Can I do this?

Yes, applicants have a 7 day period whereby UCAS will be happy to swap your choices automatically. After this 7 day period, both universities will need to be in agreement to the change and UCAS will need to be contacted to confirm the change.

If I'm made an offer does that definitely mean I have a place?

Only if the offer is unconditional, which means that you have already met the University’s entry requirements. If the offer is conditional, you will need to meet the requirements set out in your conditional offer in order to be given a place.

Why is my offer for a different course to the one I applied for?

This might be simply because you used an incorrect course code on your form or because you have since asked us to make the change. If not, it may be that your first-choice programme is over-subscribed, and we have been unable to admit you to that course. It may be that you are equally suited to another course, which may be similar to your original choice. There are also occasions where courses are changed or, due to unforeseen circumstances, withdrawn. The University, like any university, has the right to withdraw a programme, without giving notice. If you have any questions regarding this then please contact the University using the contact details on your offer.

When will I receive a registration pack from Birmingham?

Towards the end of summer, all students will be sent a registration email, designed to help you register online prior to arriving at the University and enable you to make the most of the first weeks of your programme of study.

A guide to registration is available online. If you experience any problems you can contact our Registration Helpline OR phone: +44 (0)121 414 9009.

Can I defer my application?

If you are thinking of taking a gap year and are offered a place at Birmingham, we’ll normally be happy to delay your entry for a year. If you have not stated on the UCAS application that you would like to defer, please let us know as soon as possible after you receive your offer, so that we can transfer your place for the current year to another candidate.

I have changed my address. Who do I need to notify?

If you change your address before starting at the University you can update your details through the UCAS website Track service. It would also be appreciated if you could contact the University Admissions office.

How can I contact the Admissions Office?

When do I become eligible for registration?

You will become eligible for registration once your application has become unconditionally firm with us. Please make sure you check your status regularly via UCAS Track and ensure you have met all the conditions of your offer. If you are already unconditionally accepted then you'll receive your registration instructions from July onwards. If you are made unconditionally accepted after this date then it usually takes between 24-48 hours until you receive your registration email.



One of my conditions is that I obtain ATAS clearance? What is this?

The Academic Technology Approval Scheme was introduced in November 2007 and is a mandatory requirement for non-EEA students on certain programmes. The Scheme is run by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and is an essential part of the UK’s commitment to counter proliferation.

How do I apply for ATAS?

Please submit your application via the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office). You will need the details of modules covered by the programme of study, if applying for an Undergraduate programme of study (details will be sent to you with your offer). Please refer to the website for details of other documents that the FCO will require as part of the application process.

Do I need to have ATAS clearance before I can receive an unconditional offer or CAS?

Yes. If ATAS approval is a requirement for your chosen programme of study then you will need to have obtained clearance in order to have fulfilled the condition of offer. Only when you have met all the conditions of your offer can we issue you with an unconditional offer and a CAS.

How long does it take to obtain ATAS Clearance?

The FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) advises that you should allow at least 20 working days for processing your application, however, at busy times of year (ie during the summer when volumes of applications are high) it can take longer than this. Please refer to the ATAS website for up to date information.

When do I apply for ATAS?

We recommend that where possible you should apply for ATAS not less than 3 months before the start of your programme. An ATAS certificate is valid for 6 months from the date it is issued and must be valid at the point of admission. If your ATAS clearance expires before this your visa application may be refused. You should therefore not apply for ATAS more than 6 months before the start date shown in your offer letter.

Conditions of offer

One of the conditions of my offer is that I complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) disclosure. What does this mean?

Some courses (for example those where students work unsupervised with children or vulnerable adults) will require the satisfactory completion of a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check (formerly known as a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check) which is a UK wide legal requirement. The DBS check will make the University aware of any spent or unspent criminal convictions you hold, and the University will then consider whether any convictions are compatible with membership and a place on a particular course.

One of the conditions of my offer is that I complete a Health Declaration. What does this mean?

Some courses (for example clinical courses) will require the satisfactory completion of a Health Declaration. The Health Declaration will make the University aware of any health concerns, disabilities or special needs you may have to ensure the right support can be provided before you even begin your studies. Find out more about the support available.

My course is subject to Fitness to Practise regulations. What does this mean?

Some courses offered by the University are subject to Fitness to Practise regulations. These programmes usually lead to a professionally recognised qualification, for example Medicine, Initial Teacher Training and Dentistry. The University recognises that academic success in these courses does not necessarily mean a person meets the professional standards of conduct required by that award. For this reason, when registering for a programme of study subject to Fitness to Practise regulations, students will have to sign a programme-specific Code of Professional Conduct and Fitness to Practise.

I have to provide a certified copy of my transcript/degree. What is this?

Your degree transcript/certificate are documents that should have an original certification stamp, certified by a notary, an organisation such as the British Council, your university, or by a Birmingham local representative in your country. Please note that scanned copies of these documents are not acceptable (unless they have come via one of our international representatives) and you will need to post these documents to the Admissions Office at the address on your offer.

What happens when I send in the documents to meet the conditions in my offer? Will I automatically be unconditionally accepted?

Once you send in documents to meet the conditions of your offer you will not automatically be made unconditionally accepted. The documents you send to us will go through a series of checks. For example, your qualifications will usually be checked and verified by the Admissions Office but things like Health Declaration will need to be checked and passed as satisfactory by Occupational Health. DBS checks will be sent to the DBS etc. It is only once everything you have sent has been checked and verified and accepted that we will unconditionally accept your application.

If I miss the conditions of my offer when I receive my exam results, will you accept me?

Use the Track service at UCAS first. This may tell you whether or not we have confirmed your place. If you cannot use Track and you have only marginally missed the conditions of your offer, contact us (details in your offer) to discuss it. If you are unsuccessful with us but meet the offer at your second choice university, you will be accepted there.

I am sure I have met all the conditions listed in my conditional offer letter. How long will it take for my place at Birmingham to be confirmed?

A conditional offer becomes unconditional once you have provided evidence of all the requirements stated in your offer. Your place will be confirmed as soon as possible and will be updated via UCAS Track.

English language

I took my English test several years ago. Do I need to take a new test to meet the English language requirement?

If you are a native speaker of English and already have an English language qualification, it may be enough. Your offer letter will inform you as to whether you need to take a further test or not: if the offer is unconditional, you will have done enough; if it is conditional, you may have to do more.

If you are an international student and English is your second or third language, see our entry requirements for international students to find out what level of English is required and which tests we will accept.

I am an overseas student who was taught in English in my home country or obtained a qualification in the UK. Do I still need to take an English language test?

If you can provide evidence that you have been taught in English we may remove the English language requirement. Please contact the University regarding this using the contact details sent to you in your offer.

Start date

What is the start date for courses at Birmingham?

Courses usually begin at the end of September or early October, Welcome week takes place prior to the beginning of your course giving you time to acclimatise to campus life. You can check the exact start date for your specific course with the Admissions Tutor or you can find it on your offer letter. Admissions Tutors contact details can be found in course finder.

Is it possible to start the course late?

There is usually an welcome week, which is a very important part of most courses. It is much harder to settle in if you start any later. For these reasons you will only be given permission to delay your start date by the Course Director in exceptional circumstances. You will need to write to your Admissions Officer (contact details in offer) as soon as possible detailing the reasons for requesting a late start and what date you would be intending to arrive.