Plant Sciences and Environmental Biology

First year Biological Sciences module

Part 1: Development, cell biology, physiology of plants and their responses to environmental change. Part 2: Assessing and quantifying biological diversity and the interactions between ecosystems and their inhabitants..

In this module we introduce the fundamentals of plant biology, their hydraulics, their cell biology, their molecular biology and also how they interact with the environment and how we assess the environment. The course is taught by a series of lectures and practicals; about 25 lectures and 5 practicals and it's assessed by a series of in-course test, some of which count towards the final degree and some of which don't, they're just to give you feedback, and importantly a write-up of a group practical project.

If you're interested in this course and the topics in this courses there are lots of directions you can go in the second and final year. You could for example choose to do some of our more molecular cell biology modules, which think about how we make GM crops and how we assess their impact. Or additionally you could take field modules where you look at the impact of plants and the environment out in the real world say, for example, in Norway where one of our courses actually goes.

20 Credits

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