Advanced Management Accounting

This course builds on the knowledge of management accounting concepts and techniques developed in years 1 and 2 and applies them to issues of control and strategic management. The course will cover in depth cost management, management control and performance measurement, transfer pricing and strategic management accounting. It will also examine the use of management accounting in different organisational contexts, including service industries and the public sector. The relevance of organisational context will be explored and case studies will be used to highlight contextual issues.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • critically evaluate budget related performance and productivity measures and systems of standard costing
  • prepare management accounting performance reports to measure operating and divisional performance, cost of quality and pricing of intra-corporate exchange of goods and services
  • critically evaluate systems of management accounting control in the context of a variety of business structures and market conditions utilising theoretical analysis and recognising practical considerations
  • analyse the contribution of management accounting to the management of strategy
  • compare the management accounting needs of private and public sector organisations
  • consider behavioural and organisational issues in the application of management accounting
  • apply critical comment on a range of management accounting techniques for costing
  • appreciate the implications of changing technologies and management philosophies for the design of management accounting systems
  • evaluate the management accounting practices presented in cases and develop constructive responses to the needs identified in such cases.


One 3000 word essay (25%) One 3hr written examination (75%)