Strategic Management

This course is concerned with the formulation, evaluation, and implementation of long-term strategies by business organizations, mainly in manufacturing and service sectors.

It is also concerned primarily with the higher, strategic level of management decision making. Strategic Management requires the analysis of complex, uncertain and incomplete information and the ability to bound this ambiguity and make, and implement, firm wide judgements. This module, through mix of lectures, class discussions and case studies, provides the opportunity for the participant to develop and practice analysis, thinking, and judgement competencies at a strategic level.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Show a sophisticated appreciation of the integrative nature of strategic management
  • Show a critical understanding of strategic management concepts from the industry, stakeholders, and resource based perspectives
  • Critically evaluate alternative strategies by using appropriate techniques
  • Extend competencies in group communication, report writing and verbal presentation


  1. Group verbal presentation to be conducted in spring term (20%)
  2. Individual business strategy report (2500 words excluding appendix and references sections) to be handed in at the end of the spring term (30%)
  3. A two hour examination in June (50%)