Understanding Organisations

First year module

Lecturer: Marylyn Carrigan

The nature of marketing: core concepts and orientation; key elements of Marketing Information Systems (MIS), marketing research and buyer behaviour; portfolio analysis and marketing strategy; setting objectives, market segmentation and positioning; marketing mix: branding, products, services, distribution, pricing, marketing communications; evaluating marketing; marketing management and planning.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Describe and display understanding of a range of core marketing concepts to define and analyse the market and consumers.
  • Describe and display understanding of the foundation of the marketing mix for products and services
  • Identify and analyse market conditions, and the marketing information needed by organisations in order to be able to plan, manage and develop marketing strategy
  • Critically evaluate the sources of research materials to advise appropriate courses of action, and engage with different marketing theories and options to make decisions.


The module will be assessed by two 1 hour class based tests (2 x 50%; combination of multiple choice and short, qualitative questions; one mid-term, one end of term).