Managing Organisations

First year module

Lecturer:  Dr Joanne Duberley

This module will address processes of management within organisations. In particular focus will be given to the role and function of management, leadership within organisations, power and politics, organisational structure and design, organisational culture, communication and conflict.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Understand complex organisational processes and how applied psychology can inform the study of behaviour in organizations (OB)
  • Develop an understanding of some of the key individual and group level processes studied in OB (for instance, decision making, leadership, learning, motivation, team working).
  • Understand and analyse some of the key managerial practices studied in OB (e.g. recruitment, conflict, careers and stress).
  • Evaluate alternative approaches towards organisational design Have an understanding of some key themes that influence the contemporary study of OB (e.g. difference and diversity, change and culture, the knowledge economy).
  • Develop an understanding of the way in which these processes, practices and themes are studied and represented in some of the academic literature.
  • Apply relevant theories and concepts from this academic literature to analyse contemporary and historical contexts.
  • Demonstrate appreciation of the importance of a critical perspective in OB.


One group based assessment and one 2 hour exam. The exam will be worth 70% and the group assessment (2500 words) will be worth 30%.