Principles of Marketing

First year module

The aim of the module is to examine and understand the role of marketing in the modern business structure by looking at theories and real life examples, drawing on the first hand experience of the module leader as well as academic study.

Students will be given the opportunity to put theories to the test through assessed tutorials and practical tasks. Students will also be encouraged to apply the learning to appreciate and understand the impact marketing has on their everyday lives and track this back to the theory, principles and practice of marketing. This will be achieved through reflective learning and tasks such as formulating a social media marketing campaign and completing a reflective diary.

The module will examine the role of marketing in business strategy; its part in brand building in a global context; how it links in with other core business units; how it places the consumer at the heart of campaigns. Practical examples will be examined to understand the success and failure of marketing strategy and how regional culture can impact global marketing positioning. It will provide students with the essential background to understand consumers, the communications planning process, and the communications mix. The ethics of marketing and associated advertising and the use of interactive and digital media will also be examined.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Describe and display understanding of a range of core marketing concepts to define and analyse the market and consumers.
  • Describe and display understanding of the foundation of the marketing mix for products and services
  • Identify and analyse market conditions, and the marketing information needed by organisations in order to be able to plan, manage and develop marketing strategy
  • Critically evaluate the sources of research materials to advise appropriate courses of action, and engage with different marketing theories and options to make decisions.
  • Display an understanding of the ethical dilemma involved in marketing.