Understanding Organisation and Management

First Year Module

The purpose of the module is to draw organisational analysis and management thought together, extracting the management implications from different strands of organisational thinking, and highlighting the conceptual issues implied in management problems.

The module explores the nature of organization and gives an overview of traditional approaches to their analysis and design, from bureaucracy and scientific management to contingency theory, socio-technical systems and transaction cost analysis.

The module focuses on different aspects of organisations – their relationship to the individuals who constitute them, social groups and cultures, governance and goals. Learning is facilitated and reinforced through practical case studies and exercises conducted in a series of seminar classes.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module students should:

  • Have an increased understanding of methods of organizing work and other activities, and how these are managed
  • Have an increased understanding of modern organisations, how these are designed and managed
  • Be able to critically reflect upon their own role within groups and organisations
  • Recognise the conceptual issues implicit within practical management processes and problems
  • Apply these theories and perspectives to the analysis of managerial and organisational issues