Human Resource Management

Second year module

Lecturer: David Perman

This module will introduce 2nd year undergraduate students to the main strategies, functions and processes that HR departments use within their companies : 1) to meet national employment regulations and industrial standards: 2) to provide the organisation with a suitably qualified and motivated workforce: 3) to aid Management in the assessment of employees performance: 4) to devise appropriate reward and compensation schemes: 5) to promote and help improve the reputation of the firm as an 'employer' and 6) to work with the Senior Management team in improving the financial and commercial performance of the company.7) to develop new approaches to people management that are relevant to economic, organisational and technological developments that have taken place this century.

Learning Outcomes

Appreciate the historical development of the profession and academic subject.Demonstrate a good understanding of the issues and problems of the role of HR within a commercial organisation.Be able to utilise the various metrics that indicate HR performance.Utilise the concept of an Employer Brand as a Recruitment strategyShow good knowledge of the main selection techniques and the important role of psychological tests.Devise pay and benefit schemes that are integrated into a Total Reward System.Utilise a competency framework within a Performance Management System.Incorporate the principles of Talent Management within traditional HR processes


  • 1 x 2hr Exam (100%)