International Human Resource Management

Third year module

This module aims to introduce students to the fundamental theories and practical issues in the management of human resources in international organizations.
It examines the factors that influence management of human resources and, how national business systems influence the HRM practices within multinational corporations. The module explores differences and similarities between HR practices of American, German and Japanese firms and then introduces students to the functional areas of international HRM such as: performance & reward management and, management of industrial relations.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:-

  • Understand and explain the differences between managing human resources in a domestic and international context.
  • Understand and explain the impact of national business systems on the management of human resources.
  • Critically examine and explain the similarities and differences in HR practices of American, German and Japanese MNCs.
  • Critically assess the HR policies and practices of multinational organizations.


75% final examination (2 hours)
25% class assignment (essay of 2,500 words)