Service learning for Business Management Students

Third year module

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

The type of volunteering work experience that is required is one that allows students to put into practice the business case theories that they have learnt during their course, and such is a more limited range of volunteer work than that used by other departments where the main focus is the volunteering or the social dimension.

Students will be prepared via 3 work shops that will be held over the first semester. The first workshop will concentrate on the subject of volunteering, whilst the focus of the second one will be held to help them present themselves to a prospective company effectively, and to prepare them to get the most out of the volunteer placement, (students will be taken through tools and activities designed to help them reflect on their volunteering work experience-based learning). The final workshop will be a debrief and will include submission of an assessed presentation and report. This workshop will be mark bearing. It is hoped that organisations will attend, and an employer showcase will be organised.


Assessed presentation and report (70%), Reflective diary (30%)