First year - Drama and Theatre Arts

Compulsory modules

The Dramatic Medium

(20 credits)

This two semester module provides students with a conceptual language with which to examine dramatic works and theatrical performance. The main components of the module introduce ideas central to the dramatic medium such as dramatic action, narrative and the nature of character, analyse the main dramatic forms of epic, tragedy, comedy and tragicomedy, and examine the theatrical performer in historical and social contexts. The module is taught by weekly lectures and seminars, the latter being an opportunity to follow up ideas and questions raised by the texts and the lectures.

Theatre Practice

(40 credits)

In weekly two hour practical classes, students are introduced to key skills for rehearsal and performance.  The module includes aspects of vocal, physical and textual work; students will acquire individual skills, and be introduced to ensemble work and group/individual projects.

Performance: Theory, Practice and Critique

(20 credits)

This course for single honours students aims to equip the students with a basic understanding of the relationship between theatre and culture and performance and ideology. Students will be introduced to a range of critical and cultural theory, including reception and performance theory, and be enabled to apply these in theatre and performance analysis. By the end of the module students should be able to reflect critically on the possible contextual relationships between theatre/performance and culture; demonstrate knowledge of a range of analytical approaches which draw on cultural and critical theory and summarise and present a critical response to an analytical article in presentation to the class.

Theatre Crafts 1

(20 credits)

This course for single honours students is a broad based introduction to technical theatre covering the areas of Stage Technologies, including lighting and sound, design and stage management. The course includes practical instruction in the use of equipment, formal teaching in each of the three areas and practical work on Drama and Theatre Arts Department productions.

Module outside the Main Discipline

(20 credits)

This gives you the opportunity to take a module from a different subject area.