German Language Advanced 1A

First year module

This linked module provides an introduction to the learning of German. It deals systematically with some of the main areas of German grammar and usage (cases, tenses, adjectives and their endings), expands the students' German vocabulary, offers training in the linguistic analysis of German texts and develops the students' skills in German conversation.

Learning outcomes

On completion of these linked modules the student will be able to:

  • Display a competent knowledge of post A Level German grammar and usage, both orally and in the written language;
  • Read and understand authentic examples of written German without constant recourse to a dictionary;
  • Listen to and understand substantial extracts of spoken German taken from authentic sources;
  • Converse fluently in German on topics covered during the course;
  • Write about topics covered during the course in accurate and idiomatic German;
  • Show an initial acquaintance with the methods required for a linguistic analysis of German texts as well as an understanding of other study skills necessary for the study of German at degree level;
  • Demonstrate a generally enhanced knowledge of the German language.


(assessed jointly with linked module German Language Advanced B)

  • 3 hour examination (60%)
  • ‘Introduction to Language Studies’ test (15%) plus an essay of 600 words in German (10%)
  • Oral examination (15%)