Applied Economics of the European Community

Final year module

Lecturer: M Walsh

This course is concerned with microeconomic policy in the European Community and in particular with the use of economic models in policy determination and evaluation. Discussion of policy will be based upon analysis of the theory, methodology and data that have been applied in empirical assessment together with implications of the results obtained. Topics will be selected from economic integration, factor mobility, agricultural support, monopolies and mergers policy, R&D, regional and transport policy.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this linked module the student will be able to: apply economic techniques and analysis to the key microeconomic issues facing the EU; to analyse the implications of integration. Topics will be elected from customs union theory; factor mobility; terms of trade theory and economic performance; barriers to internal trade within Europe; trade under imperfect competition; role of competition policy; CAP; integration of transport; tax harmonisation; regional policy.


  • 2 hr written examination 80%
  • 1 x assessed essays 20% each