Political Economy and Economic Policy

Third year module

Lecturer: Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay

In Political Economy we study non-market decision making, in particular, of political decision making from an economist‟s perspective. This module uses the „rational choice‟ perspective to understanding the process of economic and political decision making in a democracy to studying some particular issues in development economics marcoeconomics, and international economics. Thus, some of the methods of analysis used in the „rational choice‟ perspective will be used to study problem of government debt, underdevelopment and some special topics (e.g. Conflict and economic resource allocation, economics of crime).

Learning outcomes

Comment using an economist's perspective on how a government should function vs. how it actually functions.

Demonstrate ability to write and solve formal models of political decision making


2hr examination 60%, 2 assignments 2 x 20 40%