International Study Abroad Programme

International exchange student Ina Budts talks about her time in Birmingham on the BA Education programme

The International Exchange Programme on the BA (Hons) Education programme has been devised to include a range of modules at various European institutions that reflect the overall academic aims and subject areas offered by our degree programme. The exchange programme is aimed at enhancing the critical knowledge and understanding of our students by offering a more diverse, international approach to the interdisciplinary social sciences covered by our programme here at Birmingham. The links made during the year abroad are intended to develop you as a student and a researcher, offer a unique opportunity, and enhance your career prospects by emerging you in the scintillating, rich cultural experience that study abroad offers. As the courses in our programme are taught in English, you will be able to undertake this experience without the language barrier that can otherwise hinder a study abroad option.

Why Study Abroad?

Of the 310 students of the University of Birmingham that studied abroad last year, 97% said that it was the best year of their lives. With this response, it’s clear that studying abroad offers an opportunity many students would not normally have. Have you ever fancied living abroad for a few months but never known how, when, or by what means? There is no time like the present. You can utilise this opportunity during your second year as a BA Education student and choose between studying at four different universities in Norway, Germany, or the Netherlands. Each university has something different and exciting to offer and the experiences you have will never be repeated.

Nafeesah Chaudhry is spending one semester at the University of Maine, USA as part of the International Exchange Programme. Nafeesah met Maine’s specific criteria by showing that she is a hard-working and reliable student and we are privileged that she is representing us abroad. On her return, Nafeesah anticipates completing her compulsory modules at Birmingham and plans to undertake voluntary work at local primary schools. She will also assist at University events such as Applicant Visit Days and Open Days as a student ambassador and hopes to share her positive experiences with future students through her blog. Read her blog

Who can Study Abroad and When?

The International Exchange/Study Abroad Programme is open to Second Year BA Education students. You should apply whilst still in Year 1. Study Abroad opportunities are available in the first part of your second year of study. Study dates will vary depending on the institution but will typically be from the beginning of September to mid-December. You’ll attend classes and submit assessment in your chosen exchange university and return to England in time for the Christmas holidays. Your second term will start in Birmingham in early January as normal. You’ll study three modules beginning in January to complete your academic year.

How do I fund Studying Abroad?

Luckily, there is funding available. Each student who successfully applies to study abroad is eligible for an Erasmus Grant from the British Council of approximately €225 per month. The British Council releases its figures each year in November (, and the grant is paid directly into your bank account in two instalments.

There are other funding opportunities available, and you should contact the International Office for more information. There is a further bursary available for our Access to Birmingham (A2B) students.

Where can I study?

We currently have reciprocal exchange agreements with the University of Oslo (Norway); TU Dortmund University (Germany); The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim, Norway) and the University of Groningen (The Netherlands).

Download an overview of the exchange scheme (PDF, 176KB) 

You will be able to apply to any of these universities, as each offers a uniquely catered programme of study. All modules are taught in English.

Learn more about the International Exchange Scheme and Erasmus programme

Contact Details

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