Final year modules

Creative Writing Project

A 10,000-word creative project in the form of your choice comprising 6,000 words creative and 4,000 words critical. The creative element can take the form of a novel excerpt, a collection of short fiction or poetry or a stage or screenplay.

(40 credits)

Creative Writing Special Subject

One module from a selection including modules such as:

  • Genre Fiction;
  • Creative Non-Fiction;
  • Writing a Short Film.

(20 credits)

Literature Special Subjects

Three options (20 credits each) from our Literature Special Subjects. Choose from a vast range of specialist modules, including:

  • Beat Writing and its Aftermath;
  • Contemporary Irish Writing;
  • Fantasy and Fandom;
  • Imagining the Digital;
  • James and Wharton;
  • John Donne and the Metaphysical Poets;
  • Last Year’s Novels;
  • Literature and Politics in the 1930s;
  • Lyrical Ballads;
  • New York, New York;
  • Plays, Pageants and the Spectacular;
  • Postcolonial Poetry and Poetics;
  • Postmodern Historical Fictions;
  • Reading and Popular Culture;
  • Remembering World War One;
  • Shakespeare’s Afterlives;
  • Spenserian Landscapes;
  • T S Eliot;
  • Utopia and its Discontents;
  • Victorian Literature and Science;
  • Viragos, Coquettes and Prudes.


Modules and courses are constantly updated and under review. As with most academic programmes, please remember that it is possible that a module may not be offered in any particular year, for instance because a member of staff is on study leave or too few students opt for it. The University of Birmingham reserves the right to vary or withdraw any course or module.