Introduction to International Relations

First year module

Lecturer: Marco Vieira

This module introduces students to the discipline of International Relations, its main theories, basic concepts and major puzzles. From liberalism and the birth of the discipline after the end of the First World War to more recent debates about the development of a critical perspective.

The module offers an overview of the International Relations’ development, and shows how theories are used to analyse such issues as international cooperation, development or regional integration.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you are expected to be able to:

  • Distinguish major theoretical perspectives on international politics and compare their value for the analysis of specific problems of international politics as well as their basic assumptions and the worldviews they generate.
  • Identify main actors in international politics and relate them to the contexts in which they operate.
  • Evaluate analyses of international politics from a theoretically grounded point of view.


  • Term One: 1 x 500 word critical review (formative)
  • Term Two: 1 x 1,500 word summative essay (30%)
  • Term Three: 1 x 1,500 word summative portfolio (30%) 1 x 2 hour examination (40%)