Beginners Polish

Final year module

Lecturer: Mrs Katarzyna Berent-Young 

Students start learning to speak Polish from the very beginning of the course. Oral practice will include learning basic phrases, situational dialogues, and conversations on everyday topics. Underpinning this, students learn the fundamentals of Polish grammar, and vocabulary in key categories. They learn to read authentic Polish texts related to contemporary Polish affairs, and translate them into English. They also develop writing and listening skills in Polish: writing skills are practised through various communicative grammatical exercises, listening skills through aural comprehension exercises.

The topics and materials used on the course aim to stimulate students’ interest in Polish society and culture. Students are encouraged to further develop their independent language-learning and study skills and compare Polish with other languages they are studying or are familiar with, which may include other Slavonic languages.

Learning outcomes

After one year of studies students will be able to converse in Polish in a range of everyday situations. Each of the key linguistics skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) will be given attention.  Students will develop their vocabulary, grammatical accuracy and pronunciation, as well as an awareness of some aspects of Polish culture.


One three-hour written exam in summer (70%); Oral examination in summer (30%)