Business Russian

Final year module

Lecturer: Jelena Pozdnjakova

Intended for advanced learners of Russian who would like an introduction to business language, and to learn the skills of business dialogue in Russian. It will be especially useful for people who plan commercial activity in Russia. It will give knowledge of the mechanics of Russian reading and listening skills, conversation and the ability to write, enabling foreigners to communicate verbally and non-verbally within the framework of their business dealings with Russia. The thematic range is quite wide, including a lexicon from different areas of business life, giving students useful business information, and providing a solid grounding in business etiquette. Though the course does not contain detailed information on grammar, grammatical explanations are given where appropriate (particularly for complex or unusual situations).

Learning Outcomes

  • To demonstrate knowledge of various aspects of the Russian business environment (including but not limited to: foreign companies in Russia, foreign investments, joint enterprises; conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs and auctions; ordering, payment and delivery of goods and services; tax, insurance and banking; the Stock Exchange; marketing).
  • To discuss business situations in Russian with an accurate command of both vocabulary and sentence structure;
  • To interact verbally in Russian-language business contexts, including job interviews with professionalism and effectiveness;
  • To understand business communications in written Russian (including letters, emails or questionnaires, proformas as appropriate) and respond in accurate and appropriate spoken and written Russian.


30-minute Oral exam, including business role play scenarios, in semester 2 (60%); One-hour written exam in semester 2 examination period (40%).