Core Russian Language 4

Final year module

Lecturers: Semester 1: Derek Averre, Semester 2: Jeremy Morris

Translation of Russian texts is carried out weekly at home and in group discussion, where common problems are analysed and model versions presented. Some extempore translation is done. Oral practice is carried out in small groups in a weekly class conducted by a native speaker. Students are allowed a wide choice of topics for their language essays, and are encouraged to locate for themselves appropriate Russian-language texts and data.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module the student will be able to: read and comprehend complex Russian texts on a variety of themes; translate Russian texts accurately into idiomatic English; analyse, contextualise and present complex issues, and form and defend reasoned arguments in accurate spoken and written Russian.


  • 3-hour translation exam (34%)
  • 2-hour essay examination (16%)
  • 2 in-class essays (17%)
  • 20-30 minute oral examination (33%)