Core Russian Language 2

Second year modules

Lecturer:  Natalia Rulyova

Students translate texts on a range of themes on a weekly basis, sometimes extempore. Weekly grammar classes deal with the more complex areas of Russian morphology, syntax and phonetics. Audio and video materials are used to develop aural comprehension skills. Essay-writing skills are taught by the analysis and discussion of texts on contemporary issues. Students engage in guided analytical reading to broaden their vocabulary. Students sometimes translate English texts into Russian. Letter-writing is taught.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module the student will be able to translate from Russian into English accurately and in a range of registers; summarise and comment on Russian texts on a variety of themes; express themselves in written Russian in a variety of styles on a variety of themes; demonstrate oral competence by communicating in spoken Russian; demonstrate aural competence by understanding and commenting on spoken Russian; display a detailed knowledge of grammar and complex grammatical structures.


  • Translation examination (1 hour, 15%)
  • essay examination (summary/ commentary and essay) (2 hours, 15%)
  • oral examination (20 minutes, 10%)
  • continuous assessment of aural (10%)
  • continuous assessment of translation (15%)
  • continuous assessment of essay (15%)
  • continuous assessment of oral (10%)
  • grammar tests during year (10%)