Global Societies

Second year module

Lecturer: Dr Will Leggett

This module explores established and emerging global issues from a sociological perspective, asking if it is ultimately justified to talk of ‘global societies’ and a 'global sociology'. The module begins by introducing key conceptual and analytical issues in the study of globalization. It then examines a series of substantive sociological topics which have a global character, examples include: global culture and identities; global inequalities; migration; global elites and power; global politics and social movements. The substantive topics are explored in their own right, and in terms of what they tell us about the wider conceptual issues of global societies and a global sociology.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • identify and critically evaluate competing theories and debates in the study of globalization
  • identify and critically evaluate empirical and theoretical issues in substantive areas such as global stratification, identities and power and citizenship.


  • Term One: 1 essay x 3,000 word assessed work (30%)
  • Term Three: 3 hour examination (70%)