Intermediate Russian (MOMD)

Second year module

Lecturer: Tanya Lipatova

Intermediate Russian UG MOMD will aim:

  • to consolidate Russian grammar,
  • to develop oral and written skills. The Intermediate Russian UG MOMD will be taught for 2 contact hours which will consolidate Russian grammar and develop oral, written and reading skills.

The textbook for the module is Daphne West's Complete Russian with two audio CDs (2010), which provide a guide to self-study. Students will focus on the second half of the textbook. The first half is covered by Beginners Russian UG MOMD. By the end of the module students should be able to competently express themselves in written Russian on a range of topics; demonstrate oral competence by communicating in spoken Russian on a range of topics; competently apply Russian grammar.


Continous assessment worth 50%; Oral Exam 20%; 2-hour Written Exam 30%