Nineteenth Century Russian Novel

Second year module


Lecturer: Natalia Rulyova

In the first semester students study Russian novels written in the period 1825-1862.  They learn about the context in which the novels were written and study the specific literary characteristics of each work and its contribution to the development of the genre.  Level 1 students give presentations on specific aspects of the novels; level 2 students give presentations and lead class discussion.  In the second semester students study Russian novels written in the period 1863-1900.

Individual works are considered in the context of key themes including the superfluous man, the Westerniser / Slavophile debate, social reform, the “woman question”.

Works in other genres are considered where appropriate.

Learning outcomes

  • To outline the development of the novel in nineteenth-century Russia
  • To apply appropriate literary-critical techniques of analysis to fictional works
  • To identify key stylistic and thematic features of the novels studied
  • To compare and contrast the approach of different authors to similar situations or problems
  • To place specific works in their literary, historical and societal contexts
  • To research limited pre-defined questions which include elements of comparison and contrast by the critical use of secondary literature and present findings verbally to the class and in written form in essays
  •  To lead class discussions