Scholarships in 2014

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At the University of Birmingham we believe in creating an environment in which academic excellence can be combined with opportunities for personal development. One of the most important ways our students further their personal development is by taking part in the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer here.

The University attracts excellent scholars across one of the widest academic curriculums in the UK, many of whom are also very talented sports people and musicians.  In recognition of these two very active communities, we are announcing a number of scholarships for both Sport and Music, each worth £1,000 per year to students who plan to start their studies at Birmingham in 2014/15. 

The scholarships are available to any academic subject (however, if you are applying for a Music Scholarship you must not be studying on a programme offered by the Department of Music).

The awards are open to home undergraduates students only and will be tenable for three years, subject to satisfactory academic progression at 2:1 standard.

Please check this page for further information which will be published in the new year on how to apply for the scholarships.