Languages for All

Module information for incoming Erasmus and Exchange students interested in modules with Languages for All.

Languages for All is a specialist language teaching centre, with extensive experience of delivering modern foreign language courses. 

Erasmus and exchange students who are not beginners in the language of study are asked to consult the appropriate Language Co-ordinator in Languages for All before enrolling - please see contact details at the foot of this page.

All our courses are mapped onto the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. And in many of our languages you can study at a level ranging from A1 to C1.

The following types of Languages for All course are available to Erasmus and exchange students:

1. Modules outside the Main Discipline (MOMD)

Erasmus and exchange students can take one or more MOMD courses, at any level from Beginners (Ab Initio) to Advanced. Your point of entry will depend on your current level in the language you wish to study.  These modules are worth 20 credits and are studied for 2 semesters.

Tandem modules

Module Code two terms, 20 credits: 09 21688

These are part of the MOMD programme and are highly flexible, allowing for a wide range of levels. Erasmus and Exchange students will normally be paired with a British partner and devise a learning programme in English. In return they will offer tuition in their native language for their British partner. Guidance and supervision will be provided by staff in Languages for All. Demand for tandem learning is high so we advise early application if you wish to study these modules -  availability also depends on whether we find enough suitable tandem partners. 

For further information see: Modules outside the Main Discipline (MOMD).

2. Open Access courses

The alternative to the undergraduate modules above, especially if students have timetable constraints during the daytime, is to take an Open Access language course, worth 10 credits for Erasmus/exchange students. This programme offers a wide range of languages and levels, and consists of 2 hours of taught classes each week in 2 semesters, mainly in evening timeslots. These courses are outside the normal university curriculum and, as such, a fee is payable on enrolment. Erasmus and exchange students are eligible for the concessionary fee paid by students.

For further information see: Open access courses.

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