Hispanic Studies

All incoming Erasmus students from Spanish universities in 2016-17 are asked to email me (a.m.sanchez@bham.ac.uk) their preferred module choices in Hispanic Studies (maximum 120 credits) as soon as they have made them.

Please choose from the following two lists:

Hispanic Studies Year 2 Options Booklet (PDF - 564KB)

Hispanic Studies Year 4 Options Booklet (PDF - 664KB)

You should normally select modules from level 4, except where your preferred subject is not available at that level, in which case you may choose modules at level 2. 

You should NOT send me details of modules outside Hispanic Studies. 

Please note: Enrolment on a module is subject to class size restrictions.

Incoming Erasmus or Exchange students from universities other than in Spain should wait until the week before the beginning of the academic year, and then register with me on campus for level 2 modules only (level 4 modules are open only to those who have spent a year studying at a Spanish university).

For further information, contact me, Antonio M. Sánchez at a.m.sanchez@bham.ac.uk.