Business School

TitleDepartment and SchoolLevelSemester
Key Message Delivery and the MediaDepartment of Management, Business SchoolFirst Year1 and 2
Knowledge and Creative EconomiesDepartment of Management, Business SchoolThird/Final year2, i.e. Winter 2012 (January – May 2012)
Knowledge, Innovation and Global BusinessBusiness SchoolThird/Final year2
Labour Economics: Theory and ApplicationsDepartment of Economics, Business SchoolThird/Final year1+2
Leadership DevelopmentBusiness SchoolThird/Final year1
Macroeconomics ADepartment of Economics, Business SchoolSecond Year1
Macroeconomics BDepartment of Economics, Business SchoolSecond Year2
Management AccountingAccounting and Finance, Business SchoolSecond Year2
Management Accounting (LI)Accounting and Finance, Business SchoolSecond YearTwo
Managerial FinanceAccounting and Finance, Business SchoolSecond Year2