Business School

TitleDepartment and SchoolLevelSemester
Brand Marketing Issues EDepartment of Marketing, Business SchoolThird/Final year1
Business Accounting (BCom)Accounting and Finance, Business SchoolSecond Year1
Business Organisation & ManagementDepartment of Management, Business SchoolFirst Year1
Business Organisation and ManagementDepartment of Management, Business SchoolFirst YearSecond
Business to Business MarketingDepartment of Marketing, Business SchoolThird/Final year2
Change ManagementBusiness SchoolThird/Final year2
Company Accounting and Accounting TheoryBusiness SchoolSecond Year1 and 2
Company Accounting and Accounting TheoryAccounting and Finance, Business SchoolSecond Year1+2
Comparative and International TaxationDepartment of Management, Business SchoolThird/Final year2
Computational Methods for EconomistsDepartment of Economics, Business SchoolFirst Year2