Business School

TitleDepartment and SchoolLevelSemester
Consumer Behaviour (LI)Department of Marketing, Business SchoolSecond Year 1
Contemporary Issues in the UK EconomyDepartment of Economics, Business SchoolSecond Year1+2
Corporate CommunicationsDepartment of Marketing, Business SchoolFirst Year1
Corporate FinanceAccounting and Finance, Business SchoolThird/Final year2
Corporate Financial Management (LI)Accounting and Finance, Business SchoolSecond Year1
Critical Organization TheoryDepartment of Management, Business SchoolSecond Year1
Decision Theory and GamesDepartment of Economics, Business SchoolSecond Year2
Developing an Entrepreneurial OpportunityDepartment of Management, Business SchoolFirst Year1+2
Econometric MethodsDepartment of Economics, Business SchoolSecond Year2
Econometric TheoryDepartment of Economics, Business SchoolThird/Final year1