Business School

TitleDepartment and SchoolLevelSemester
Human Resource ManagementDepartment of Management, Business SchoolSecond Year2
Information Communication Technology and AccountingAccounting and Finance, Business SchoolThird/Final year1
Intermediate Business EconomicsBusiness SchoolSecond Yearone and two
Intermediate business economics and the macroeconomyDepartment of Management, Business SchoolSecond Year1&2
International and Business to Business Marketing ADepartment of Marketing, Business SchoolSecond Year1
International and European Monetary IssuesDepartment of Economics, Business SchoolThird/Final year2
International and Industrial EconomicsDepartment of Management, Business School1&2
International Business ManagementDepartment of Management, Business SchoolThird/Final year2
International Corporate GovernanceAccounting and Finance, Business SchoolThird/Final year1
International EconomyDepartment of Economics, Business SchoolFirst Year2