Engineering and Physical Sciences

TitleDepartment and SchoolLevelSemester
ICY: Data Structures and AlgorithmsSchool of Computer ScienceFirst Year2
ICY: DatabasesSchool of Computer ScienceFirst Year1
ICY: Introduction to Computer ScienceSchool of Computer ScienceFirst Year1
Image ProcessingSchool of Physics and AstronomyThird/Final year2
Images and CommunicationSchool of Physics and AstronomyThird/Final year1
Industrial SkillsSchool of Mechanical EngineeringSecond Year1&2
Information and the WebSchool of Computer ScienceFirst Year2
Information Technology & CommunicationSchool of Physics and AstronomyFirst Year1
Inorganic Chemistry ISchool of ChemistryThird/Final year1
Inorganic Chemistry IISchool of ChemistryThird/Final year2