Life and Environmental Sciences

TitleDepartment and SchoolLevelSemester
Cancer BiologySchool of BiosciencesThird/Final year2
Cell and Developmental BiologySchool of BiosciencesSecond Year2
Cell Biology & PhysiologySchool of BiosciencesFirst Year1
Cellular NeurobiologySchool of BiosciencesThird/Final year1
Cellular SignallingSchool of BiosciencesThird/Final year2
Changing Economic GeographiesSchool of Geography, Earth and Environmental SciencesThird/Final year2
Cognition in Infants and ChildrenSchool of PsychologySecond Year1
Cognitive NeuropsychologySchool of PsychologySecond Year1
Conservation BiologySchool of BiosciencesThird/Final year1
Contemporary Human GeographySchool of Geography, Earth and Environmental SciencesFirst YearAcross both