Life and Environmental Sciences

TitleDepartment and SchoolLevelSemester
Mapping the MidlandsSchool of Geography, Earth and Environmental SciencesFirst Year1
Mechanisms of Adaptation to TrainingSchool of Sport & Exercise SciencesThird/Final year1 & 2
Mechanisms of Toxicity & DiseaseSchool of BiosciencesThird/Final year1
Membranes, Energy and MetabolismSchool of BiosciencesSecond Year1
MEMORY AND LANGUAGESchool of PsychologyFirst Year2
Microbes and ManSchool of BiosciencesSecond Year2
Microbiology and Infectious DiseaseSchool of BiosciencesFirst Year2
MicropalaeontologyDepartment of Earth Sciences, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental SciencesThird/Final year1
Molecular Basis of Bacterial InfectionSchool of BiosciencesThird/Final year2
Molecular Biology and its ApplicationsSchool of BiosciencesSecond Year1