Hydroclimatology: Climate and Water

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

College of Life and Environmental Sciences


Code 18180

Level of study Second Year

Credit value 20

Semester Across both

Module description

The module seeks to provide an understanding of the processes controlling the behaviour of water in the atmosphere and at the Earth's surface, as well as of the basics of the climate system, so that students will be able to evaluate the impacts of natural and human-induced changes on water within the environment.

The syllabus will include: (1) precipitation: mechanisms and measurements, (2) precipitation variability, (3) evaporation, (4) interception, (5) global climate/ energy balance, (6) forces and atmospheric circulation, (7) ocean circulation and El Nino, (8) climate of the British Isles, (9) soil moisture, (10) runoff generation, (11) snow- and ice-melt and runoff, (12) river flow regimes, (13) hydrological measurement, (14) hydrological modelling, (15) hydroclimatology of floods and droughts, (16) underwater Britain - November 2000 floods, and (17) climate change and water resources in Britain.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures and workshops supported by directed reading and WebCT resources