Field Studies 1 A + B

Department of Earth Sciences, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

College of Life and Environmental Sciences


Code 24301

Level of study First Year

Credit value 20

Semester Across both

Pre-requisite modules None, but this cannot really be taken as a standalone module without students taking the other geology modules on offer that provide contents that are

Module description

There is only so much you can understand about a rock if you study a sample someone else collected in a laboratory; this module takes students off Campus to look at some of the classic rock outcrops in the UK in order to look at large scale features and relationships not possible to study in the lab. Introductory training in field geology is provided through a series of lab briefings that lead into two day trips to examine regionally important geological successions (Semester 1) and then 10 day residential fieldtrip to South Wales (Semester 2). The module is designed for students to see, record and interpret a range of geological features in the field, and is recognised as a core skill to geoscientists. Its also a lot of fun.

Teaching and learning methods

Lab briefing sessions prior to day and residential fieldtrips