Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

School of Psychology

College of Life and Environmental Sciences


Code 24371

Level of study Third/Final year

Credit value 20

Semester 2

Module description

Topics include:
Neuroanatomical & Neurofunctional Development
Neural Plasticity & Sensitive Periods / Nature-Nurture Debate
Tools of Developmental Neuroscience
Structural Brain Imaging (MRI, DTI)
Brain Blood Flow Imaging (fMRI, PET, fNIRS)
Electromagnetic Brain Imaging (EEG, MEG)
Behavioural and Eye-Tracking Measures
Neurodevelopmental Basis of Language
Neurodevelopmental Basis of Social Cognition
Neurodevelopmental Basis of Higher Cognitive Functions
Developmental Psychiatry


On completion of this module the student will be able to:
Describe and discuss what is known about a number of domain general and domain specific neurodevelopmental mechanisms that underlie social and cognitive development.
Define the differences between the various tools of developmental neuroscience, including relative strengths and weaknesses.
Critically evaluate and discuss theories and evidence in developmental cognitive neuroscience, including those related to sensitive periods and the nature/nurture debate.
Formulate a clear and reasonable research design specific to applying the various tools of developmental neuroscience.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures and workshops