Genetic Variations in Humans and other Eukaryotes

School of Biosciences

College of Life and Environmental Sciences


Code 21783

Level of study Third/Final year

Credit value 20

Semester 1

Module description

Genetics underpins all aspects of biology and recent developments in genomics together with novel analytical approaches are providing new insights into the molecular basis and evolution of genetic variation. This module will examine genetic variation in its broadest sense from the molecular level through to populations. The module will study the dynamics of chromosome organization during mitosis and meiosis; how chromosome variation is related to aging, cancer and genome instability and chromosome evolution. The genetic control of qualitative and complex quantitative traits such as intelligence, body weight and hypertension will be considered together with the methodologies that have been developed to identify the genes involved. The comparative analysis of genome sequences has helped to create a much more detailed picture of the origins of genome complexity and the evolutionary processes which shape our genomes. The new findings arising from comparative evolutionary analysis of eukaryotic genomes will be examined. In order to develop the theory and analyses, mathematical modelling, basic statistics and some molecular genetics are involved

Teaching and learning methods

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