Early Modern Drama 1580-1780

English, School of English, Drama and American & Canadian Studies

College of Arts and Law


Code 19643

Level of study Third/Final year

Credit value 20

Semester 1

Module description

This module will be concerned on detailed analysis of a selection of plays that represents some of the significant developments in drama during the sixteenth, seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. The emphasis may vary from year to year: it may be on the work of two or three major playwrights (eg Marlowe, Jonson, Webster, Middleton, Ford, Wycherley, Behn, Congreve, Fielding) or on a particular historical phase of early modern drama (Elizabethan and Jacobean, Caroline and Restoration, Restoration and Augustan) or on a particular dramatic genre (eg comedy, tragedy). The plays prescribed for a given year, however, will always be studied in relation to the social and political contexts, the performance conditions, and the dramatic conventions of the early modern theatre, and students will be expected to supplement their knowledge of the texts discussed in seminars by reading more widely in the drama of the period.