Seminar III

Classics and Ancient History, Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity

College of Arts and Law


Code 18292

Level of study Third/Final year

Credit value 20

Semester Both

Module description

The IAA Seminar is an opportunity for you to intensively study a subject over the course of the year. The IAA Seminars are based around staff research interests so you will be exploring an aspect of the ancient world or archaeological practice with an expert in the subject.

The module is structured around staff-student interaction in the form of oral presentations and class discussions. Seminar groups are composed of around 10-15 students. If a seminar topic is very popular in any year more than one session of it may be run at the IAA’s discretion.

Alongside engaging with a subject you are passionately interested in, on this module you will develop and exercise advanced research skills; learn how to synthesise your research; present a critical account of your work in concise and cogent presentations.

Each year the IAA will offer a range of topics across the disciplinary scope of the IAA. The topics will vary according to the current research interests of each member of staff but will normally focus on a well defined body of primary literary, visual, historical or archaeological data. Staff will publish a 300 word account of the topic offered before course registration each year to enable students to select from themes related to their own period, area or subject interests. The following is an indicative list of topics that students could select in the academic year 2011-12:

Sex, Violence and Lies in Rome and Athens
Slaves in the Greek World
Deir-el Medina: An Egyptian Village of the New Kingdom
Egyptian Blue
Early Greek Cult
Ritual and Religion
The Roman Army as a Community
Homer in the World of OdysseusAncient Epic
Classical Tradition and 20th Century European Literature
Greek & Roman Novels
Myth, Wisdom & Inquiry
Living Dead
Climate Change and Human Society
Environmental Archaeology in the Lab
The Fourth Crusade
Virtual Worlds
Byzantine Society
Conflict in the Modern Middle East

The IAA Seminar allows you the opportunity to explore a subject in great depth, with expert tuition, to develop critical skills and to improve transferable skills such as oral presentations.

Teaching and learning methods

Two hours of small group teaching per week.